Frozen Shoulder

Anyone when came across with the term Frozen Shoulder for the first time will find the name funny or scary. Just imagine that the shoulder became frozen one day, how un-imaginable!
FrozenshoulderIt is not true fortunately, Frozen Shoulder have been used to describe the inflamed condition of the shoulder blades probably because no one could come up with a more appropriate term to represent the condition, which involves a cycle of freeze to "defrost", Frozen Shoulder is then the closest anyone could think of.
Female are usually the targeted group, ages between 40 to 60 in particular.
Frozen Shoulder is not only discomforts surrounding shoulders and hands.  The symptoms are not only restrictions of moving or bending both hands. Symptoms of Frozen Shoulder include feelings of tingling, soreness, pin and needles, weaknesses and of course pains as well. Discomforts may be from and around upper back, shoulders, neck, elbows, and fingers. Some even feel extreme discomforts while sleeping and sitting, while some will experience head ache and fatigue.
Neck problems may cause Frozen Shoulder, but in general no one knows the actual cause of frozen shoulder as it can be due to repetitive stress, hunch, imbalance use of muscle group, history, injuries, age, lactic acid accumulation and etc…  And thus, it is not advisable to blame on the cervical spine for the cause of the condition even though images report may reflect some unfavorable news on the cervical region. It is more appropriate to find all means to address frozen shoulders first before going into treating neck if it necessary to do so.
Treatment on frozen shoulders are quite encouraging if there were treated early, but the treatment process are painful, an effective treatment for frozen shoulder must involves extreme stretching which in return cause pain and weakness for a while. Many give up the treatment as they do not understand the reason for the pain incurred and thought that the pain would cause further damage to the condition instead.
The MOB Back Stretcher is extremely effective in attending to frozen shoulder and it achieves 100% success rate in helping the user to overcome frozen shoulder. The treatment process takes 2 to 4 weeks and it involves some pains but those will be good pains and good sore!!!!!