Legs & Knees Therapeutic Bench

DO You Have Knees Pain...???

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The to-and-fro pumping actions improve better blood flow, lubrication metabolism and reduce inflammation on both knees.

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Knee pain affect the daily lifes of million of senior citizens.

Knee Pain, creaking noise, soreness and weakness on both legs are major reasons for many seniors to live life less active, spend enormous on medical bills and choose to sit long hours everyday.

While sitting long hours is not advisable at all time, what more to seniors who require sufficient exercises to stay healthy? Additionally, in-correct sitting method, over weight or in-appropriate chairs will eventually make leg and knee pain even worse.

How Isogai Leg And Knee Therapeutic Bench Help..??

    1. It is formulated with a design to provide healthy sitting whether it is for long hours sitting or just a short one.

    2. It provides stress-free position for the neck, lower back and pelvic floor while we sit.

    3. User can exercise both hands and legs on the bench with the technique of Isogai Therapy.
The bench come with an Isogai Alignment Belt for the user to bind both thigh while sit on the bench. Binding leg Technique derives from Isogai Therapy form Japan in the 1950's.Isogai correction belt strengthen both legs by tightening up muscles (quadriceps & hamstrings). It stabilizes pelvis, prevent both hip joints from further deviations from their natural degree of angularity. It also maintain correct alignment of Pelvis. Swinging both feet on this therapeutic bench with Isogai correction belts cause light & relaxed contacts between patella and femoral that buff off trapped fluid and build-ups “oil” in the cartilage surface, without compressing further on both knees.

        4. Overall health condition improve with the help of healthy sitting and correct physical exercise.

When To Use The Isogai Leg And Knee Therapeutic Bench?

    1. Knee pain, leg pain, weakness on both legs.

    2. Physically unhealthy.

    3. Sitting on normal chair is a problem.

    4. Physically is limited to an active life style, not capable to exercise freely.

    5. Constipation, insomnia, depression, Parkinson, dementia.

    6. Overweight, low back pain, pelvic girdle pains, sciatica, osteo-arthritis.

Isogai Legs And Knees Therapeutic Bench have helped many to rejoice stronger leg and knees thru its natural, simple and effective self-help program. Above all, to those who have suffered for a long time, sitting is no longer painful but is a  joy instead.

Isogai Dynamic Therapy is proven self heal program for problematic leg