WHY Neck And Back Pain?

Most of us suffer neck and back pain because:

1. We have not been educated about The Spine. Most of us don even know there is a spine and what does the spine do.  Therefore, we do not know how to take care and treasure the spine. In simple, we abuse our spine without knowing it.
2. Even when we feel the discomforts, we will be only busy treating the symptoms but not finding out the cause of the problem or straightening the spine.
3. We do not really understand how postures, in-correct physical movements, repetitive stress or injuries affect the condition of the spine. Surprise! Many of us do not know what posture is. Many ladies while spent heavily on beautifying themselves, but fail to realize that their postures kill every of the investment and their spine.

Why Neck And Back Pain rarely healed?

1. No one is really serious about neck and back pain because they do not kill, in other word, we do not hear people die of neck and back pain. So, we put up, tolerate and suffer with the agony. 
2.  We put all effort into treating and seeking for the best physician to treat us, even if many results of the treatments are just temporary, we failed to even sit back and think why we still suffer after doing so much, or even fail to think for while if those treatment is the ultimate solution?
3. Most of us spend too much time in memorizing the names and trying to digest what are translated in the MRI, X-Ray or CT…and let the fear from the report occupy our times from doing more conducive work such as changing habits, correcting posture or be disciplined in a correct self-heal regimen.
4. We spend too much times in doing many chore including in-correct exercises,  which others tell us to do,  in fact we have no knowledge if  what we do are beneficial in helping out our problems. Very often, we simply feel  consoling that  we have done what  deemed necessary to fix up the condition, even if the efforts did not pay off, we just keep on doing it. Time and resources have wasted then but discomforts have not improved, so we are lost!
5. We simply have so much insurance coverage, corporate benefits and affordable treatments (RM30) per session, supplements or even drugs that help us to delay being serious about our problems as we always convince ourselves that : Never mind-lah, worse come to worse, surgery loh! I have got insurance.
6. We do not understand the difference between chronic and acute pain, more! We do not believe that any acute pain can turn to chronic pain anytime. We are not interested to find out what causes the pain, all we are keen is to treat and blame the physician if the pain returns.

So, what should we do?

1. Maintain correct postures are NO.1 of the list. The Japanese for example; stay longest living nation in the world because the Japanese have the best body postures. Remember: Good Posture then Good Back.     
2. Look ourselves in the mirror, are we hunched, how do we sit, how do we stand? Discipline to change even for 10 minutes a day will then make a difference in the 360 days in a year.         
3. Don't spend time complaining why we don get healed? Every treatment is good if we know how to maintain the results of the treatment. If the pain returns, we need to sit back and think a little if what have we done in the day may have caused the pain again. There is always an answer!
4. Learn to take break between works. No one could be with the computer for more than 2 two hours in a row, or no one should sit still for more that 2 hours, our spine were  not trained to do that.
5. When we have a specific spinal problem to attend to, we have to be selective of the exercises we want to do unless time is not an issue. Many exercises are good for over all well being for our health, but they may not be right to the need of our problem. If we can only afford an hour in a day to work out for the purpose of the spinal problem, then we  need to be sure that this work out must have been clinical researched and proven to be best for spine, muscle, ligaments and tendons.  Remember: We cannot afford to waste time on things we like to do or for temporary relief.

The tools and technique mentioned and provided here provide us with the foundation and environment to work-out for a self-heal program for Neck Back and Knees problems for many years to come.    The program is pragmatic, effective, safe, convenient and affordable for all.

All tools come with clear instructions, those who sign up for the tools from the seminar are entitled to complimentary courses of the Isogai Dynamic Therapy (Conditions Apply)